Good News EP (January)

by Chance Espinoza

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released January 19, 2017

Produced by Chance Espinoza and Jon Terrey
Mixed and Mastered by Jon Terrey
Guitars by Chance Espinoza and Jon Terrey
Everything else by Chance Espinoza



all rights reserved


Chance Espinoza California

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Track Name: Good News
A cup of joe, a point of view
A worn out trip, a cancelled move
You closed your mind, and then withdrew
What good news

You caught the kids with a drink or two
"That's why she left!" you said at the family reunion
You blamed their dad, it's a perfect excuse
For the good news

What good news!

If you had half a brain, you'd understand what I mean by grace
If you had little faith, you'd see I have that shit in spades

A wedding ends a three year feud
Then you condescend your only nephew's wife
She's just a child, she's just like you
What good news
Track Name: Real Men
Let's talk about real men
What makes them? What loosens your buttons?
Do you like them bearded, clean shaven, or do you like the option?
Do you like them famous--is it influence, or just pretty faces?

Chemicals rage at first attraction
Pheromones make quick work of logic
I wouldn't think I could figure you out and I haven't

How about musicians?
So creative and teeming with confidence
You'd love some ambition--dream driven, but God forbid jobless

I never had it
Is that attractive?
Track Name: Like Mess
There's no room for doubt
Leave no food for the starving vows
One more bruise, and they're coming back to take you out

How I'll shine when you go
Still making fun of your ghost
When you're gone make sure you know I told you so

You'll make this happen yourself
Curate the madness and I'll help
If not in love, then in consequence

Last Thanksgiving your mom drank her weight in wine
Then sat right next to my brother and spoke racist after racist line
"I got to play with the Mexican kids at the club. What a treat!"
What a treat for them to see your shirt falling off of your privileged body

Show up drunk on the steps
Beg for the dogs and undress
Like mother, like mess

How I'll shine when you go